Wake Anderson

Guitar Instructor



I'm a music industry entrepreneur and local Boston-based guitarist with over a decade of active musicianship. I serve all of Greater Boston and teach guitar to absolute beginners, intermediates and advanced players young & old. In addition to being a guitarist, I founded two successful music technology and educational startups called SoundBridge and SoundBridge Academy

Overall, I love teaching music! Through attentive 1on1 instruction I develop a program to suit the player's goals. I emphasize technique with drills designed to raise my students' skills evenly across a wide range of categories, like picking, fretting, scale patterns, chord shapes, chord progressions, rhythm training, and ear training. I can guide a complete beginner toward being able to play songs and have fun. For the more serious student I have a plan that will make you a better player and musician guaranteed. 

If you're looking for a responsible guitar mentor that is reliable and will push you to become a great guitarist, I'm your guy. I take my time to write an original lesson plan for each student and I respond to all after-hour questions within 24-hours through email. You can think of me as an on-demand guitar brain when you're not in class.

I have a studio located in Allston, MA. I do my best to accommodate every student's individual needs and I also work with special needs and people with disabilities. 

If you'd like to learn more about pricing and scheduling, please reach out here.

I look forward to speaking with you. 

- Wake


Wake is great at helping you to understand the music theory behind guitar. Very knowledgable and professional. He is eager to help you learn to play guitar.
— By Katie 8/12/19, In-studio
Wake’s awesome - super personal and responsive to my learning style. He teaches music theory thoroughly that lets you take guitar to the next level while making sure you have a solid foundation. After just 4 lessons, you become infinitely more comfortable with the entire neck of the guitar and you start “getting” the relationship between notes, chords, and scale degrees. Highly recommended!!
— By Andrew 5/12/2019, In-studio
Wake has taught my son for the last few months and my son has improved dramatically. Thanks Wake, your teaching is amazing.
— By Jeremy on 5/1/19, In-studio
Wake is a very knowledgeable and experienced guitarist and music teacher. With his friendly style, he invites you to appreciate and learn music as he sees it, which is the way everyone should see it : music is to be enjoyed whether playing or listening.
— By Stephen on 1/27/19, In-studio
We lucked into Wake because we were looking for a more flexible teacher for our 14-year-old son and all the other teachers required a rigid schedule and long term commitment. At the first lesson we were blown away by the clarity of his teaching method, his obvious talent, his amiability and enthusiasm, and also (most important for us) his ability to encourage and inspire our son at an especially unreachable age. I can’t stress enough how effective a teacher he is — we are Suzuki school dropouts and have tried previous teachers who just didn’t click for whatever reason. Wake manages to relay an immense amount of knowledge without ever being boring or bossy and our son has made amazing progress in a handful of lessons. He practices without complaint and looks forward to lessons. Wake manages to hold our son’s interest and is relentlessly positive, even when he needs to correct mistakes. He may look only a little older than a teenager himself, but he’s a natural mentor and I can’t believe how quickly and painlessly he has built confidence and ability in our hard-to-teach beginner guitarist!
— By Julia on 9/21/18, In-studio
Best kept secret. Wake has given my daughter a new dimension for her love of music. Enthusiasm combined with skills has really helped my daughter to practice more, learn more and challenge herself more. Classes are well structured, fun and with lots of things to learn. Scheduling is simple and Wake is very responsive to our emails. One big plus is that after every class Wake sends a detailed email regarding the “homework”. It is not really homework, but a brief description of what to do for the rest of the week. That is something I have not seen before so I applaud his commitment to his students.
— By Diana on 7/25/18, In-studio
Wake is an extremely patient and fun instructor. I had never picked up a guitar before and naturally felt nervous at first to take on a new instrument. But Wake made me feel very comfortable and excited to learn. I’m excited for what’s ahead and would absolutely recommend the Boston Guitarist to future guitar novices!
— By Pua on 7/14/18, In-studio
After one month, I have learned A LOT of scales and chords easily and efficiently following Wake’s method. Now I’m learning how to play my first jazz song and have completed the melody! Thanks Wake!
— By Akiro on 6/8/18, In-studio
Wake is an accomplished guitarist who is very patient and goes at the student’s pace. He possesses incredible knowledgeable and teaches both how to begin playing as well as the music theory behind what you’re practicing. He creates a relaxed environment and will do so either at his place or at yours. You could not find a better instructor! Can’t wait for next week!
— By Lawrence on 2/2/2018, In studio
Wake has been an amazing teacher! I had little to no experience walking into the first lesson, so his passion for music theory and guitar have help me learn the fundamentals and more. Wake’s creativity and patience have made each lesson work so well for me. Despite all the questions I ask and difficulties I feel I have with the music and learning the whole new language of music, he is always encouraging and points out my progress - which I feel make him a great teacher. I would recommend Wake for both beginners and advanced guitarists.
— By Dee on 1/3/2018 Guitar, In studio
We have been working with Wake for a month and he is awesome!! He is very smart, creative and makes learning fun. His knowledge about music is impressive and he is able to adjust to our child’s desire to advance in guitar as well as with overall music theory. He is able to change his teaching strategy based on her level of understanding. When met with a challenge of a broken arm he quickly rose to the occasion and adapted to help our daughter continue her learning! Impressive response time, adaptation and eager to help a serious student.
— By Krista on 12/19/2017 Guitar, In home
Wake’s energetic and patient demeanor is perfect for an instructor, but what really sets him apart his is unique appreciation for musical theory. He leaves no detail overlooked in the learning process, setting up even a beginner like myself to be the best guitarist I can possibly be down the line. Thanks Wake!!
— By Christine on 12/18/2017 Guitar, In studio